Dr. Sandmann and his staff were wonderful. I think he could tell I was uncomfortable, but he made it super easy for me to calm down. He was very professional and made my visit very smooth.

Susan K.

What is Bladder Incontinence?

Bladder Incontinence is loss of bladder control. The loss of bladder control can be mild or severe. Mild cases may involve some leakage as you cough or sneeze. More severe cases make it impossible to get to a bathroom in time when you have the urge to urinate.

What Causes Bladder Incontinence?

While bladder incontinence can be caused by medical or physical problems, it could also be caused by any of the following:

  • alcoholic or caffeinated drinks
  • certain medications
  • urinary tract infection
  • constipation
  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • menopause

Symptoms of Bladder Incontinence

Bladder incontinence is found in many… Common symptoms may include:

  • Stresses to the pelvic floor as you sneeze or cough, or when lifting heavy objects.
  • Sudden and intense urge to urinate causing a moderate or large amount of urine spilled.
  • Frequent urinating during the night may also be observed.
  • Frequent leaking of urine when you are unable to completely empty your bladder.

Treating Bladder Incontinence

Treating bladder incontinence is very common. Depending on the condition, Dr. Sandmann might consider non-surgical treatment options first such as bladder training or certain medications.  If non-surgical treatment options are not advised then surgery might be recommended.

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